Meisui Hatano

Address Kasugai City, Aichi, Japan
Birthday September 1st

What is Japanese Sho (Calligraphy) ?

It was originally conveyed from China in the sixth century and had changed with the Kana culture for long period of time, Then Showa came, Japanese calligraphy greatly reformed and it was mainly infiuenced by the Western fine arts. The style of hanging Sho was changed from the one for Japanese tatami room to the one for western styled. 
This was tremendous innovation, but because that was certainiy bart of taboo in Sho culture, some Sho works were not accepted. After the World War 2 many progressive works were created, but a number of exhibitions were refused to subscribe the new style of Sho.

What is Sho for me?

In the spring of 2005, many of progressive works in those days were exhibited at "Tofu Memorial Hall" and at "Kasugai City Library, Culture and Art Center".
The moment Iwant into the exhibitions, passion and soul from the Sho works came into may heart. That was my first impression that Icould feel something through calling raply. It was almost same emotion I felt when I saw the self-portrait of "Van Gogh" in Metropolitan museum. 
While Sho is a part of Art, I hope everyone to enjoy with as a sense of picture, not as character. Sho uses parper instead of the canvas, and it uses ink instead of the colors, and a character is a motif. And to create and evolve into a new technique is one of its features.
Any reason is not necessary, only things is to give the people the impression.


1983~Studied under the calligrapher Yukoku Nozaki(the late)
2004~Started creatie activities in earnest after retiring from an advertising company

2006.1 Solo exhibition at CAELUM GALLERY(NY)
2006.7   Solo exhibition at NYCoo Gallery(NY)
2007.11 Solo exhibition at NYCoo Gallery(NY)
2011.2   Solo exhibition at GALLERY ART POINT(Tokyo)
2013.9 Solo exhibition at GALLERY ANRI(Naoya)
2015.7   Solo exhibition at AMRITA(Osaka)
2016.8 Solo exhibition at GALLERY ANRI(Naoya)
2016.10 Solo exhibition at AMRITA(Osaka)
2017.1   Participated in group exibition at ONISHI GALLERY(NY)
2019.9 Solo exhibition at GALLERY ANRI(Naoya)
2019.10 Solo exhibition at AMRITA(Osaka)
2020.3   Solo exhibition at GALLERY ANRI(Naoya)